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As a child, vacations were spent exploring the Australian bush in the family’s trusty Land Rover and the Land Rover club the family founded in the ACT.

Fast forward 40-something years and [hundreds of trails later] and we’re still at it, playing in the dirt with Land Rovers. We are happiest when we are crafting experiences for people and showing off everything that the Oregon back country has to offer.

Our forays off the pavement have allowed us to see some amazing landscapes and meet incredible people. Sometimes we have a destination in mind, but the true adventure is in the journey getting there.



Off Road Oregon provides self-drive guided 4x4 tours of Central Oregon and beyond. We put you in the driver's seat of one of our fully-equipped Land Rovers to explore all the breathtaking beauty Oregon has to offer: desert, volcanoes, forests, dunes and rivers.


Our mission is to celebrate the peacefulness and natural diversity of Oregon and increase awareness of responsible off-roading. 

Our trips are fully catered so all you need to do is show up with your sense of adventure and we do all the rest.

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We practice Leave no Trace and Tread Lightly philosophies on our tours. Care of the environment is an integral part of our operations here in Central Oregon. We work with the US forest service and local environmental groups and trail clubs to protect the land for future generations. We will share our knowledge of responsible trail driving and how to care for our precious lands and wildlife. 

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